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lexilulove said: What is your favorite episode with the 11th doctor?

I can’t honestly pick one!  So I’ll list a few of my favorites & why.

  • The Pandorica Opens :  Honestly, the first little bit I ever saw of Doctor Who was from this episode.  I randomly found a youtube video, while looking for soundtrack music, and it was instant love.  The moment I happened to find, you ask?  Why, the Doctor’s amazing speech!  I knew practically nothing about the Doctor then, but I was so amazed that with a few simple words & blatant confession that he had no weapons that I couldn’t resist.  I think I watched that clip at least 100x after I found it (I was at work), and I got goosebumps every time!
  • Vincent & the Doctor : Not only was this episode beautiful, it also happens to be the first episode with eleven that made me cry like a baby.  No regrets.  The end scene where the man talks about Vincent is just amazing!
  • The Doctor’s Wife : I absolutely loved Matt in this episode!  I think if there was one episode I ever had to choose as a top favorite, based on facial expressions, this one would win hands down, every time.  There’s just something about Matt’s face.  You can read every emotion from it, and yet they’re so complex.
  • A Good Man Goes To War:  This one is more of a complex explanation, but basically I begin with the fact that each Doctor has their own personality.  Eleven’s, in my eye at least, happens to be very vengeful & regretful.  He’s the old man you value for the wisdom he possesses, but he’s also very protective of his own.  In that moment when he says “Captain Runaway,” Matt did an amazing job of showing everything I feel that is the eleventh doctor.  It broke my heart, it actually even made me cry a little.  Ten showed pain, but his was more of a remorseful pain.  I think eleven’s pain is more of a revenge pain.  He realizes what he puts his companions through, what they risk to be with him, and when one of them is hurt (or abducted such as Amy) he wants to make things right.  He wants revenge, but he also wants peace.  Considering these two things really don’t mix well together, it tears me up to watch eleven go through this conflict.  River’s right.  He does make them fear him, and all he ever tries to do is good.
  • Day of the Moon:  I can’t tell you how many freaking times I’ve watched the scene where he pretty much gets the Silence to order their own execution.  That moment where he offers them surrender— oh goodness!  He’s so angry with a species he’d rather kill them off than give them hope & another chance.  I think it’s the first real time we see that vengeful side of eleven.  That hatred for anything that threatens humanity, and that passion to keep us safe. He’s always cared for us, yes, but he literally gives them that small glimpse of hope, of survival, and basically says ‘just kidding, I’m going to kill you,’ without so much as a second thought.

Eleven literally kills me.  The emotions he goes through, and the person he is, it’s so amazing.  I idolize him, I want to be his companion, I want to hug him and never let him go— but I also understand the other species fear of him.  And that is why I love eleven so much— because he’s complex & emotional & everything in between!

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  1. obsessionfull said: I’ve always tried to put my feelings for Eleven into words, and finally my friend said it perfectly the other day: “I would stop the worlds for this man.”
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